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Tax Law and Transfer Pricing

Tax Law & International Tax Planning

We provide comprehensive advice in any matter related to the minimization of the tax burden on our clients and the structuring of legally viable projects that reduce or mitigate the fiscal impact and optimize the management of a business. We advise our clients on evaluating the costs of the tax, customs and exchange control obligations to be met in development projects in Latin America and Colombia, and in assessing the contingencies related to the measures implemented.

The positioning of the Firm in Latin America provides us with a network of first tier correspondents specialized in taxation, and we are therefore able to provide a comprehensive and reliable consultancy in international tax law.

National Tax Law

The Firm provides legal advice on national and local taxes for important local and foreign clients established in Colombia. Our services include both corporate and personal taxation.

We cover national and municipal taxes, environmental charges, pay-roll taxes, contributions to public utilities, Valorization Assessments, municipal levies including stamps with specific destinations. In the area of temporary levies, Reyes Abogados Asociados provides advice on Net Equity Tax, War Tax, Solidarity Tax and Democratic Security Tax.

Our lawyers have successfully represented our clients regarding assessments, claims and audits on tax and customs matters. Our personal knowledge of the National Tax and Customs Administration (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales – DIAN) as well as the thoroughness with which we evaluate tax contingencies, characterize our approach to tax issues.

In addition, given the current national situation, we are able to advise our clients on the implementation of the various tax reforms that are periodically issued.

Our attorneys have been particularly successful in representing our clients regarding assessments, claims and audits on tax and customs issues. Their expertise and performance with the National Tax and Customs Administration (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales – DIAN) has resulted in the resolution of many cases at the administrative level, without having to resort to actions before the courts. These solutions translate into material savings for our clients and help to overcome and eliminate the tax contingencies in a timely basis.

We have also obtained favorable decisions before the Administrative Tribunals, which have not only favored our clients, but, in some cases, have set important precedents favorably affecting entire sectors of the economy and have earned special recognition to our lawyers.

Environmental Tax Law

In Reyes Abogados Asociados we analyze environmental contributions and surcharges under the angle of prevailing tax regulations. This enables an effective compliance of environmental provisions.

The formalization of investments in environmental sanitation with reference to their treatment under income tax regulations is part of our contribution to the optimization of the tax burden of our clients.

Transfer Pricing

Regarding transfer pricing, RAA has several skills:

– The ability to engage simultaneously and efficiently in the functional analysis of multinational companies operating in different Latin American countries. The analysis will yield results in providing solutions in order to avoid unnecessary efforts and to manage costs at a competitive margin.

– The capacity of engaging in thorough economic analysis and of identifying similar transactions with consistent and adequate technical parameters. This analysis guarantees that the data provided results from appropriate data bases and supports the best outcome for the taxpayer.

The quality of our work and the acquaintance of our correspondents with the local tax authorities, allows for efficient negotiations regarding anticipated price agreements.