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Reyes Abogados Asociados is characterized for conducting on behalf of our clients, amicable negotiations in order to resolve conflicts arising from their commercial activities. We have been particularly successful in this area of practice.

The Firm is able to represent its clients in arbitration and conciliation procedures with public and private entities.

We are also prepared to intervene in the processes of international arbitration arising from the implementation of the Treaties for the Avoidance of Double Taxation which have been negotiated by the Republic of Colombia.

When the intervention of administrative or judicial authorities is required, including official arbitration tribunals, the Firm has a significant record of satisfactory settlements in the preliminary stages, which has resulted in substantial savings to our clients.

During the negotiation stages Reyes Abogados Asociados applies negotiating guidelines issued by experts who teach at the world’s leading universities. Our attorneys design strategies based on the parameters set by the most recent publications in each case.

Regarding insolvency procedures, we provide advice on forced liquidation (bankruptcy) and in the event of a default (debt restructuring and reorganizations), we assist in the negotiation, restructuration and in the prioritization of debts and liabilities. We also advise in the event of dissolution and liquidation of companies.